Pelvic Floor Imaging

Different aspects of imaging of the pelvic floor and pelvic floor ultrasound are studied. Translabial 3D ultrasonography and MR Imaging of the pelvic floor are new methods, which can be used to judge the integrity of the levator ani muscle. Levator defects can occur during childbirth and are associated with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and possibly with recurrence after pelvic organ prolapse surgery. If the diagnostic test characteristics of pelvic floor ultrasound are satisfactory for diagnosing levator defects and the relation with recurrence is confirmed, it will be possible to identify a subgroup of patients at risk for recurrence after conventional POP surgery.

This study, sponsored by ZonMW, is a collaborative initiative within the Dutch Urogynaecological Research Consortium, which involves the following centers: Atrium Medisch Centrum Parkstad, Orbis Medisch Centrum Sittard, Laurentius ziekenhuis Roermond, Viecuri Medisch Centrum Venlo, Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam, Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht.


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